Textile practice/Installation/Sculpture

New*)  Grey Curtain / Textile Installation

    Untitled (Plastic textile) / Textile Installation

    A Big Day / Textile Installation

    Some thirty inches from my nose / Textile installation

    Space / Textile installation

    Imaginaire / Sculpture

    Blue moment / Textile installation

    Weaving / Textile practice

    Cotton / Textile practice

    Fine feather makes fine bird / Textile practice


Design project

    Design sketch for Public Office project (In collaboration with Sam Kennedy)

    Magical Mystery Sofa Bench / Site-specific furniture project (In collaboration with Sam Kennedy)

    Untitled / Carpet design (In collaboration with Ekelund)


Projects involving others

    How to Kärrtorp / Community art project (In collaboration with Anna Bontha)

    Please Don't Make Hökarängen Cooler / Community art project (Residency project and book project in cllaboration with Atelier 123, Stephanie Wiegner, Weng Cho Jui (Ray))