A Big Day


For 7 days from 27th October 2012, I made a site-specific work for a group exhibition at Revenue, in Stockholm. The premise(s) given to the artists was to play with the concept of the deadline as a limitation or a precondition of space and time. We had 7 days and some parts of the gallery space to create or install our artworks. I attempted to create something driven by the given ‘space and time,’ throwing away ideas, words and sketches, which I had before beginning work.

Hiding behind the question ‘What can you do within a limited time?’ there is always another question ‘What can you leave as the fruits?’ The question does not ask what you do within the time, but it asks about the final outcome, what is left when the signal ends the play. The anthropologist, Yi-Fu, Tuan says in a book ‘space and place’ that,

The passage of time, …, is described as ‘length.’ Time is even ‘volume,’ as, for example, when people speak of having a ‘big time,’ a figure of speech that, according to Langer, is psychologically more accurate than to talk of having a busy or exciting time.

The work was made in improvised and experimental way. I stuffed spools of thread as ‘time’ in my pocket on the first day of the production period and kept working to translate them into ‘volume.’ The repetitive movement of my body stretching these strings, made me aware of the volume of labour as a time-period. The process of reaching somewhere or materializing your thoughts is often full of labour and is rarely seen by anyone else. My work happened while the exhibition space was closed to the public. The physical action, or work involved in the preparation or construction of gallery spaces almost always happens between opened exhibitions. When the opening of the show was signalled, at the deadline, my actions had already finished, my work had gone dead.

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Exhibition 'S : T, Revenew', Stockholm, Sweden, 2012