Untitled (Plastic textile)




Untitled (plastic textile) is a work which explores the contradictory environments of the artist part-time work and her artistic work as well as the politics of souvenir industry in globalized society. While working as an artist, she have also worked as a sales assistant for three years at a souvenir shop in Gamlastan an area known as one of the touristy areas in Stockholm. In search of methodology to allow the two lives to meet and blend, the given condition becomes a process. She collected abandoned packing bags, which torn carelessly and quickly by her at the shop. After coming home she carefully and laboriously sewed them back together, as a kind of therapy through artistic practice. She managed to become an artist while tearing the plastic bags as a part of the shop duties and continues being a sales assistant at home while treating the material left from the consumerist society. Through a status of an immigrant from Far East Asia, female, non-Swedish Speaker and low paid sales assistant as well as a Master of Fine Arts graduate, she strived to explore the instability in working within souvenir industry. Untitled (plastic textile) superimposes artist’s two opposite motivations and presents itself as her own way to contribute to the global economy.


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Photography credit: Stephanie Wiegner